Don­key milk soap? Why?

The ques­tion came up when my wife pro­posed we wash our son’s head with don­key milk soap to deal with some­thing that looked a lot like dan­druff. I then recalled that a friend of ours claimed that he got rid of a sim­i­lar prob­lem using don­key milk soap.
Frankly speak­ing, I don’t believe in sto­ries about reme­dies using strange prod­ucts. In this case, I thought “It’s just a piece of soap. It can do no harm.” Even more con­vinc­ing was what it meant to go against my wife’s opin­ion.

Yeah, sure. Why not?
Much to my sur­prise, the dandruff-​like stuff dis­ap­peareBaby donkey d after about a month. We’ve been using don­key milk soap ever since. Search­ing a bit for don­key milk I dis­cov­ered that its use for cos­metic, med­ical and ali­men­tary pur­poses has been recorded since antiq­uity. It was used by Cleopa­tra, Pauline Bona­parte and Pop­paea Sabina for cos­metic rea­sons. It is con­sid­ered to be the clos­est to woman’s milk. It’s men­tioned by Hip­pocrates , father of med­i­cine, Pliny the Elder and Ency­clopae­dia Bri­tan­nica. In Decem­ber 2014, Pope Fran­cis said he was brought up on don­key milk!
There is more, quite impres­sive, infor­ma­tion in this Wikipedia arti­cle.A rather more sci­en­tific expla­na­tion of the ben­e­fits of don­key milk in reduc­ing wrin­kles can be found in this arti­cle by Joseph Schwarcz (Dr. Joe if you pre­fer).
Con­vinced that don­key milk soap is a prod­uct worth using and rec­om­mend­ing, I decided to make Don​keyMilk​Soap​.com, a web­site ded­i­cated to don­key milk soap and don­key milk prod­ucts in gen­eral. I also run my blog, where I post news, opin­ions or any­thing that I find inter­est­ing about don­key milk, don­key milk cos­met­ics, and, last but not cer­tainly not least, my favorite animals-​donkeys!
Please feel free to con­tact us about all issues regard­ing Don​keyMilk​Soap​.com.

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